ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Bayan Ali Abdul Rahim Al -Muzaffar, Lect.

The phenomenon of repetition in poetry of Mohammed bin Yassar al-Riyashi

Lect. Bayan Ali Abdul Rahim Al -Muzaffar

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 197-234

This paper is about the phenomenon of repetition in a poetry of Mohammed bin Yaser al-Riyashi who is one of the poets of Basrah. The present study found that repetition starts from the letter to the word then to the phrase. Also, it found that the repeated syllable is not only found in the beginning of the poetic stanza but also it may be in middle or the end of it. Moreover, the study found that the function of repetition is either to strengthen the melody or to achieve the textual cohesion in the stanzas of the poem or to confirm the meanings of the poem to its readers