ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Dr. Hussein Mohammed AlYasiri, Lect.

security of Iraqi Maritime Border and its role in achieving Iraqi National Security

Lect. Dr. Hussein Mohammed AlYasiri

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 93-122

This study deals with security of the Iraqi maritime border and its role in achieving the Iraqi national security under the current as well as future situations in Iraq. The importance of this study comes through what roles those borders perform in the protection of internal security by recognizing the concept and definition of maritime boundaries, then determine the Iraqi maritime border which includes the baseline and the territorial waters, as well as the challenges that face its security. Also, the ways and means which can achieve security of those borders and their reflection on a stability of Iraq to reach results and specific recommendations.
The results of this study show the importance of those borders and their impact in achieving the Internal Security of Iraq although their short length which require their protection and control them by modern devices and increasing the naval patrolsas well as cooperation with neighboring countries.