ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Prof. Dr.Jafar Abdul Dayem Al-Mensour, Assis.

The Siege of the Tribe of Ka'ab for the City of Basra1762

Assis. Prof. Dr.Jafar Abdul Dayem Al-Mensour; Lect. Kawthar Ghadban Abdul Hassan

Basra studies journal, Volume 27, Issue 1994, Pages 153-166

Due to the strategic location ofBasra at the head of the Arabian Gulf andbecause it is characterized by a commercial activity made a lot of international ,regional and tribal powerplay an effective rolein the region and impose their influence.Among these tribes the tribe of BaniKa'abas it was able to play an active role in the region because it has a strong fleet.It was able to stand up against the Ottoman empire and Safavid state and take over group of island in Shatt al-Arab which the governor failed to deterrent that tribe. That's why the Safavid state tried to eliminate this tribe, but also failed because the Safavid state's lack of ships and the difficulty of the Geographical areawhich aroused the British East India company was fearing for their interests to stand by the Ottoman state which led the countries to agree with each other against BeniKa'abdue to the lack of paying taxes .The tribe of BeniKa'ab remained not subject to anyone and that continued for a long period despite attempts by the British East India company to anumber of times but BeniKa'ab remained resistant and dominated Shatt al Arab.