ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Ayat Abdul-Wahab Khreibesh, Researcher.

The Future Visions for Housing Prjects in Governorate of Basrah

Prof. Dr. Raad Yassin Mohamed; Researcher. Ayat Abdul-Wahab Khreibesh

Basra studies journal, Volume 27, Issue 1994, Pages 37-74

The housing projects are considered as one of the necessary and important services in the city , as they are part of the framework of urban development , the increased in social development made housing project patterns in constant development . Basrah province has witnessed many housing projects during the past and present years , and most of these housing projects of various types have a link to state institutions and its government departments while the investment size was very little , if not non-existent , but after the perion of political and economic change that had witnessed by the country , and idea of proliferation of housing projects in and out of the city of Basrah had been revived , whether it is Govermental or investment projects , this is what will be addressed by the research in its Subsequent pages .The research includes the two main axes :
1-Discuss the current housing projects that had been carried out since period of the fifties up to 2003.
2-The second axis also discussed all housing projects for the post-2003 as well as planned until 2033 .