ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Abbas Jassim Naser, Lect.

Abu al-Aswad al-Du'ali and his role on letters of Holy Quran

Lect. Abbas Jassim Naser

Basra studies journal, Volume 27, Issue 1994, Pages 75-90

Historians did not spicify the year of birth Abul-Aaswad Aduali However, they suggest that he was born before sixteenth years migration in Yemen, Assume AL-Basrah and township After Abdullah Abbas – In time of the succession of Imam Ali (Aleh Alselam).
The words of the book, historians agreed unanimously that Abu al Aswad al Duali that is the Grammor Scierce and taking the plague died in Basrah years 69H, In the succession of Abdull malk-bin Marwan has eight-Five years of age. The reason whyhe was invited to the points of the Quran points of expression is that Arab Muslims they were read the Koran written in relying on Conservation and novel, the non-Arab Muslims, they were Face difficulties in the reading of the Holy Quran, Especially after expanding the Islamic state, the large number of new entrants in Islam. It was the tune in a clear reading of the tongnes. Wat is colled Abu-al Aswad this work under the guiduance of the Imam of the Faithful (Aleh Alselam).
The points in the Arabic writingwas in two parts.
First: points to express: Ascore of characters distinguish the movement reiterated the stationing points in agiven position it letter instead of viprio. «Shadda and kasra» and that the first in this role was Abu al Aswad AL Duali.
Second: AL-Iajam point: the dots on the letters to
appear similar characters like «B, T, th, E» some Form of some.
And this role – the points of the Holy Quran points of Iajam – learner Abu Al – Aswad AL – Duali Yahya bin Yaamor Al – Adwani, as was said Al-Hasan Al-Basri, Nasr bin Asim.