ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Sajd Ahmeid Abl AL-Rekabl, Prof.Dr.

The Legal System of The Human's Right in A Safe Enviro Nment

Prof.Dr. Sajd Ahmeid Abl AL-Rekabl; Asst. Lect. Hadeel Hani Sawan AL-Asdi

Basra studies journal, Volume 28, Issue 1994, Pages 247-278

The clean environment is one of the basic rights of human; such as the right to life and the right to body safety and so on. This right has been enshrined in the various legal rules, whether international, general and private agreements for protecting the environment from land, water and air pollution, and national legal rules, which are represented by legislations ,on one hand, and the various legal methods possessed by the administrative control bodies that are used to achieve their goal of protecting the environment on another hand .And the latter varied between preventive methods is to do all that would protect the environment from pollution, or remedial methods are in the form of administrative sanctions to expect to address the cases of pollution of the environment that has already occurred to reduce its harmful effects permanently or reduce them. All this is done by applying the legal texts in international conventions and the Constitution and the laws to protect the environment from pollution.
key words:
 pollution.
 human rights.
protection of environment.