ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Nabaa Ibrahim Farhan, Asst.Lect.

Legal Procedures For The Merger Of Commercial Banks

Asst.Lect. Nabaa Ibrahim Farhan

Basra studies journal, Volume 28, Issue 1994, Pages 107-132

An agreement leading to the joining or union of two or more banks resulting in either the loss of moral personality of all the merged banks and the emergence of a new bank enjoys moral personality or remains the moral personality of one of the banks wishing to merge, and in all cases transferred rights and obligations of the merged banks of the new bank or the bank integration and the importance of the effects that As a result of the banking merger, the legislations have adopted a set of legal procedures with the aim of imposing some kind of control over the merger and separated in these procedures, some of which are pre-merger, including after approval of the merger decision. Iraqi these procedures through the instructions to facilitate the implementation of the Banking Law No. 94 of the year 2004 issued by the Central Bank of Iraq