ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Ali Hassan AbdulSahib, Researcher.

Criminal Liability For Riot Crimes(Comparative study)

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ali Abdul-Ridha Aflook; Researcher. Ali Hassan AbdulSahib

Basra studies journal, Volume 28, Issue 1994, Pages 1-32

Riot is considered as an uncivilized phenomenon which affects immensely government's capabilities and resources; moreover it threatens the security and safety of society. Also, riot crimes are deemed to be one of the serious social troubles which endangers security and stability of a State, and widely spread out terror and panic among people, especially during the social peace periods.
This study tackles the topic of (riot crimes) as riot is considered a phenomenon that has grown in many countries and has become an approach pursued by masses and riot planners. They believe that riot crimes could achieve their goals whether they were political, social of economic.
Man is under practicing behaviors under influence of motives which are ones of human behavior characteristics. Motives are defined as powers or internal psychological energies that direct and coordinate behaviors of an individual during the times of responding to attitudes and other influences surrounding him.
The traditional riot crimes did not cause serious social effects to this extent, as the case nowadays, and perhaps the modern patterns and methods, or mass ones as wellincommittingsomeriotcrimes,alongwithrevolutionof telecommunications and information and satellite TV channels have made news of such crimes arrive at an extraordinary speed at the door of each house. The lack of data, information and statistics may make such crimes be not sufficiently cared for.