ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Hadi Taher al-Musawi, Ali

Study in the political thought of Ikhwan al-Safa

Ali Hadi Taher al-Musawi

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 180-259

Ikhwan alsafa divided the politics into ivekinds:prophetic politics ,royal politics, public politics,private politics,and personal politics.According to
their opinion ,the prophetic politics was the highest politics,since that the leader in this kind of politics is the prophet him self.
The royal politics,in their view, was represented in two authorities:divine authority represented by successors of the prophets who deserve this type of authority because of their abilities and qualities . the other kind of royal politics is the earthly authority that is represented by kings who get their authority by power and victory. According to the Akhwan ALsafaS view ,Allah gave both of prophetic and royal politics for som of his prophets such as :Suleiman,david ,Josef and Muhammad (Allahs blessing and peace be upon them).
The public politics is represented by persons who manage affairs of socity in states ,cities and towns terms of economical and military sides .
The private politics when a person manages his own affairs by himself in terms of his family ,friends and neighbors and so on.
The personal politics divides in to two types :selfs politics when aperson
Brought up himself according to moral values,while the bodily politics when he manages affairs of his own body.
IKhwan Alsafa discussed subject of the state in principle that the man unable to satisfy his needs alone,so he forced to live with others ,but it doesn’t mean that he is civil created in nature.
They asserted the role of the stars in rise and collapses the states ,and they believed that the state divided into many classes .
Also ,according to them ,they asserted on necessity of choosing the suitable person for the suitable position,all that based on the reason as criterion and they divided the individuals according to their minds and behaviors .
In addition, they spoke about the utopia ,and they merged the ideal with real sides where they tried to cover their wishing in establishing their own state .
They also propagated to unity in cultures ,religionsand doctrines trying to satisfy greater number of individuals for their own thoughts, and this actually has ideological and political aims.
In fact when they praised the different religionsand doctrines,at the same time ,they criticized the thought of the religions in their articles but using symbolic languages.