ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Prof. Dr. Salah Hashim Zgheir Al-Asadi, Asst.

Random habitation problem in Basrah City: Geographical analytical study.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Salah Hashim Zgheir Al-Asadi

Basra studies journal, Volume 15, Issue 1994, Pages 194-222

The modern studies nowadays focus on discussing spatial phenomena which are interesting for the city geography field workers, and the most important phenomenon is the random habitation. This phenomenon is serious in most of the world cities, especially, the cities of the excrescence countries and Basrah is one of them; the city is incapable for offering the general services and the habitation in specific. In spite of the olden phenomenon in the city, it increased in the last time especially after the year 2003. After this year the habitants from different areas, especially from marshes, Basrah country sides, and other Governorates, have captured the country's land and built houses and commercial and industrial establishments which made the city of Basrah one of the biggest cities in Iraq in random habitation after the city of Baghdad. This phenomenon excreted many crises in all different services field, the researcher depended on the whole field survey for various city parts in his study. In addition to the statistical information that are available at the administrations that are concerned with the matter, such as the Governorate Board and the municipality and else of the concerned establishments. This study presents a noticeable phenomenon for its negative effects on the city and its habitants, and the deformed shape of the city beauty which already does not have many arranging sides that were arisen from different wars effects. This problem is the responsibility of everyone, because all those habitants need the attention and care, by helping them to create the safe and high living standard far from the temporary solution which does not contribute in finding a permanent solution that stops the emigration from the base areas, by offering jobs, habitation, and other services in addition to developing these areas.