ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Abdul Rahim Hussein, Ammar

Elements of establishing fish farms in Basrah City

Asst. Dr. Ibtisam Qata Khaji; Ammar Abdul Rahim Hussein

Basra studies journal, Volume 16, Issue 1994, Pages 207-225

The study aims to clarify the most important components of natural and human, which is characterized by the province of Basra for the establishment of such activity and prosperity in the long term also has reference to the geographical distribution of the fish farms championships in the province and since the creation of the first farm in 1982 and so far, it is revealed through the study, said there that there are elements of nature represented lands flat and water availability in addition to the climatic conditions of appropriate elements of humanity was an abundance of manpower and government policies that encourage investment in this area also provides the market enjoyed by the province of Basra so had to take advantage of them and in a scientific systematically studied by the authorities , By the relevant authorities and the companions of the decision to reach self-sufficiency of the material for meat fish in the first stage and then the export to the rest of the governorates of Iraq, down to the markets of neighboring countries, Mttrgin for a variety of constraints faced by this activity and to develop some proposals that help one way or another in the Proposals that help one way or another in the development and continuation of such activity in the province.