ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Lect. Wijdan Sadiq Saddam, Asst

The levels of Forming Time in the Poetry of Bashar Bin Burd

Asst Lect. Wijdan Sadiq Saddam; Asst Lect. Muataz Qusai Yaseen

Basra studies journal, Volume 17, Issue 1994, Pages 263-301

Based on this concept has touched on building levels of time in hair Bashar ibn Burd, and aims to determine the levels of time in the hair through the three levels is the order, duration and frequency. It also aims to highlight the relations of time, and how it relates to the spatial environment and the movement of the characters and events. The research reveals the poet's ability to recruit structural elements of the former by addressing some of the events of the poet experiences of emotional and social, which overlapped the times in his artistic aesthetic purposes.