ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Salman Judi Dawood, Dr.

Basrah Journal of Surgery for the period 2004-2011 analytical study

Dr. Salman Judi Dawood; Ekhlas Abdul Amir Sawadi

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 205-231

The study aimed to identify literature, published in the Basrah Journal of Surgery period (2004-2011) in terms of size and authors and subjects this literature has followed the approach quantitative for the completion of this study has exited the study after the results of the most important: the number of Business (313) work of them (209) Research and studies and (6) and reports (43) Articles (18 words) and (22) Special (15) biographies The operation has contributed in his offspring publication where (269) authors, has been distributed on the realization of (148 )subject headings, Has won each of the Subject (bone - Pathogenesis) and (gall bladder surgery -) the highest proportion of the literature (3.87%) the study recommended a number of recommendations, including: call Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Presidency of the surgical department to take advantage of this study is to draw a scientific policy of the department and the college, and the preparation of alphabetical subject index of the Journal is published annually and cumulative index issued every three or five years and would prefer to be released this Scout in print and electronic and manual is available on the university website on the internet.