ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Dr.Khaid Saqban Hassen, Lect.

Denotatin of Colors in Ancient Arabic Poetry

Lect. Dr.Khaid Saqban Hassen

Basra studies journal, Volume 27, Issue 1994, Pages 125-152

The study deals with study and analysis the use of colors in poetry the old ( pre-islamic poetry is a model). The study came the semantics that are treated with it the potes in their employment of colors . the color carries symbolic and aesthetic connotations that express the themes of life. We tried to monitor the feelings of the old Arab poet of the colors and psychological implications and the extent of the impact of traditions and cultural heritage in the poets understanding of the these indications that understanding was reflected in their poetry that we put tge hand on modals of them enough to illustrate the image that the poets saw to colors .