ISSN: 1994-4721

Volume 26, Issue 1994

Volume 26, Issue 1994, Autumn 2017, Page 1-266

The The qualitative changes of the Euphrates river between Nasiriyah and Qurnah and their implications for development and the environment

prof. Dr. Hamdan Baji Nomas; Researcher. Abdulhassan Abdulnabi Hashim

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 0-0

The waters of the Euphrates River has a great importance for central and southern Iraq because of the dry climate and scarcity of traditional water sources (Rain and surface water and the groundwater) where the region mainly depends on surface water of the Euphrates River due to lack of quantities of falling rainfall which does not exceed (100) mm / year as well as poor groundwater which cannot be relied upon for different uses such as human, agricultural and industrial as well as the investments that placed in the highest basin (in Turkey and Syria).
These causes combined reduced water revenues to the site of Nasiriyah to (2.4) billion m 3 during the water year (2015-2014) compared to the period (1950-1978) which was recorded water revenues (14.4) billion cubic meters. This was reflected negatively in water quality of Euphrates River down the tub and therefore on water uses in the region.
Therefore, the research aims to identify the chemical changes which occurred on the river by sampling water and analyzed in laboratories of Marine Sciences Center at the University of Basrah and comparing the results for the period (summer 2015) (Winter 2016) with chemical analyzes for the river water for the 1960s of the last century and identify different variables and their sites and find out how suitable the current water for different uses according to the Iraqi and international standards for the quality of potable water as well as for agriculture, industry and the environment.

Problematic and constraints of the development of the University of Basra studies centers

hasan kzar Basima Lect

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 53-92

This There is no doubt that the research centers of a role player in the past forward in the process of cognitive development rising in various fields of economic, political and social .. etc., has been successful scientific research in developed countries to be an attractive environment for various investments, given the returns achieved by the reality of those communities Fasttaat research centers governmental and non-governmental organizations to contribute to the revival and development and so on over the last hundred years as well as their contribution to raise awareness of public and private issues, either on a general level or at the local community level.
The investment in the field of scientific research needs to be planning and overcome the obstacles facing employees accuracy and finally correct observation In our present is marked: "problematic and constraints of the development of the University of Basra studies centers" We are trying to stand when the economic importance of these research centers, and explain its economic role and the constraints involved putting in research and studies centers at the University of Basra a model for the study and the status of her

security of Iraqi Maritime Border and its role in achieving Iraqi National Security

Lect. Dr. Hussein Mohammed AlYasiri

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 93-122

This study deals with security of the Iraqi maritime border and its role in achieving the Iraqi national security under the current as well as future situations in Iraq. The importance of this study comes through what roles those borders perform in the protection of internal security by recognizing the concept and definition of maritime boundaries, then determine the Iraqi maritime border which includes the baseline and the territorial waters, as well as the challenges that face its security. Also, the ways and means which can achieve security of those borders and their reflection on a stability of Iraq to reach results and specific recommendations.
The results of this study show the importance of those borders and their impact in achieving the Internal Security of Iraq although their short length which require their protection and control them by modern devices and increasing the naval patrolsas well as cooperation with neighboring countries.

Assimilation and its application in Quranic expression

Asst. prof. Dr. Jassim Ghali Roumi

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 155-174

Assimilation is one of the phonetic and linguistic phenomena which spreads in Arabic language. it happens when one sound becomes more like a near by sound. In other words, two distinguished sounds produced in one articulation at once in which the produced sound appears as a single sound. It happens in Arabic whenconsonant sound and a vowel sound produced at some time. The muscular effort in the given phenomena would be doubled.In the morphological view, the assimilated sound would be written repeatedas in the example from Arabic / mid / which be written as “mid”.

The Narrative imaginary in City of Pictures - study in the Place

Asst.Lect. Ahmed Qassem Hamid

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 175-196

It was a novel The City of Pictures by Louay Hamza Abbas which presented an important stage from the history of Basrah by narration an imaginary biography that presented personal events as well as other public through central spatial structures including Al-Maqal, Al-Maqal Airport, the Railway station, and Friday market.
The writer was elected those places from stages of childhood and youth, in particular, his narrative historical events and other imaginative artistical events by creating relationships between the place as a cultural and social icon and its psychological reality.

The phenomenon of repetition in poetry of Mohammed bin Yassar al-Riyashi

Lect. Bayan Ali Abdul Rahim Al -Muzaffar

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 197-234

This paper is about the phenomenon of repetition in a poetry of Mohammed bin Yaser al-Riyashi who is one of the poets of Basrah. The present study found that repetition starts from the letter to the word then to the phrase. Also, it found that the repeated syllable is not only found in the beginning of the poetic stanza but also it may be in middle or the end of it. Moreover, the study found that the function of repetition is either to strengthen the melody or to achieve the textual cohesion in the stanzas of the poem or to confirm the meanings of the poem to its readers

On the obsolete, strange proper names in South Iraqi Arabic

Dr. Qasim Hassan

Basra studies journal, Volume 26, Issue 1994, Pages 235-266

This paper investigates the naming conventions in the gilit dialects of southern Iraq. The paper will first of all shed light on some previous studies which dealt with proper names in this southern dialect area. Particular attention will be given to the viewpoints of Al-Samrra`i and Stefan Feld as they obviously attack the human dignity of the whole southern Iraqi population by tracing back the naming conventions to the backwardness and primitivism of the population in this region. I will show that most proper names in south Iraqi Arabic are deeply rooted in this region and they reflect the social and cultural environment of the indigenous population. The source material for this study comes from lists of more than 4000 student names of the college of Arts/University of Basra.
Keywords: Iraq, south Iraq, Iraqi dialects, naming, proper names, Arabic dialectology.