ISSN: 1994-4721

Volume 22, Issue 1994

Volume 22, Issue 1994, Autumn 2016, Page 1-330

The Impact of Teacher-Directed Instruction and StudentSelf-Instruction of ESPat College of Physical Education and Sport Scienceat Basrah University

Assist. Lect. Zainab Kadhim Abbood

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 1-18

The aim of this study is to examinethe impact of teacher-directed instruction and students-self instruction in teaching English for students at College of Physical Education and Sport Science. It is hypothesized that there are no differences between pre and post tests between teacher-direct instruction and student-self instruction in the achievement of students in English. In addition, there is no difference between pre tests and post tests of students-self instruction and teacher-directed instruction.
The sample of the paperhaschosen randomly among eight sections. The number of the sample is 21 students from first year at the College of Physical Education and Sport Sciencein the academic year 2014-2015.The results of the paperhave shown that there is no difference between students-self instruction and teacher-directed instruction in per and post tests.In addition, the teacher-direct instruction has better achievement than students –self-instruction in students’ achievement in English.
The recommendation is that English teachers might add some autonomy in the lectures to the students with the directed instruction from the teacher. English instructors have to encourage the students to learn by themselves outside the lecture.

Developmental Effects of Oil Industry in Southern Iraq on Services

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hamid A. Abdul Hussein

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 1-44

Services are of important effect on the daily lives of individuals because of its role in increasing the physical and mental abilities. They aim at raising the level of social life, in health, education, living standards and the level of all other services in general.
The research aims at clarifing the developmental role of the oil industry in southern Iraq and their effect on services sectors. The study is addressing community services provided to the worker and his family and for the areas surrounding the oil industry, which is then distributed geographically and include health services and educational services, and represent the two services, including the construction of schools and health centers and then services residential, and commercial services of the markets built by the oil industry, and services recreational, cultural, and clear for her role kinds amenities built by the oil industries of swimming pools and cultural centers and rest houses, parks, and other social services, such as religious services and social welfare services.

Geographical Distribution of the Concentrations of Oil Contaminants in Soils of Qurna and Medina District

Pro. Dr. Nasr Abd Al-ssjad Al-Moussawi; Asst. Lect. Suha Waleed Mustafa

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 45-74

The research aims to study the diverse temporal and spatial concentration of some oil pollutants in Al Qurna and Medina districts' soils.This research studies the most important pollutants of petroleum hydrocarbons and some heavy metals (such as cadmium Cd, Ni Ni, lead Pb, copper Cu and cobalt Co) in soils of study area. The study founds certain results including that the concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons during winter was higher than those in summer, it was (13.47 mg / kg) and (11.87 mg / kg), respectively, the values of the two seasons was exceeded the allowed environmental border rates for the values of petroleum hydrocarbons in the soil, and the general rate of the concentrations of cadmium (Cd) varied in the soils temporally and spatially in studied sites. During winter the recorded average was (2.5 mg / kg) and thus did not exceed determinants environment that allowed for the concentration of this element in soils, but it exceeded its normal content in soils, while the overall rate for the concentrations of cadmium that recorded during summer rised to (3.1 mg / kg). This value exceeded the permissible limits and natural content of the element cadmium in soils, and the results of laboratory analysis of the concentrations of elemental nickel (Ni) and lead (Pb) showed that the overall rate for winter has reached (87.7 mg / kg ) and (144.9 mg / kg) in a row and reached the overall rate for summer season (105.1 mg / kg) and (155.3 mg / kg) respectively this values had exceeded the permissible limits and natural content of the element in soils.

The Economical Development of Basrah Border

Lect. Hussein Qasem Mohammed AL-Yassiry

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 75-100

The importance of this study is to reveal the bad circumstances of border areas despite of their importance economically and socially. They distinduished by their public gathering that can be invested for the integrated regional development. The results of the current study reveals the reality of these areas characterize by Inside track economic of the existence of outlets with neighboring countries, sea ports, fields of joint oil, and water and agricultural areas of which can be developed through some of the proposals that that important activation of cooperation with neighboring countries, the protection of land sea borders and the establishment of joint free zones.

Economical Characteristics of Divorce in Basra Province in 2013

Prof Dr. Bassim Abdul Aziz; Asst. Lect. Saad Akmosh Najem AL-Salyki

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 101-136

Divorce became a phenomenon that threaten families and community. There have been great transformations in the economical life within Basra province, they contributed clearly to the increase of divorce cases, especially in the last years.
The aim of the current research is to determine the roles of the economical factors leading to the occurrence of divorce cases in the province throughout its demonstrative unites. Also the study works on detection of the effect of poverity in the limited- economic resources community. These limited-economic resources affect the social conditions, giving rise to divorce cases and their variations extent among the administration unites for the year 2013 .
The research used( 534 )samples, and tries to show the results according to some statistical methods to determine the effects of the economical features which are studied cross two variables: the profession, and the family income. The results of the study showed that there is a connection between these two variables and the increase or discerns in divorce cases. Accordingly, it is left to the state and civil society institutions to get rid of such a phenomenon.

Shat Al Arab: A Demographical and Histircoal study

Lect. Muhammed Hashim Hussein

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 137-162

The objectives of the current study was to show the natural and political changes and international dependence of the Shatt al-Arab. The research discussed the natural history of Shatt al-Arab waterway since explosion of southern edges of its Delta to continuous changes primarily landing ground and precipitation that leading the behavioral change of geomorphologic charectristics. Many rivers such as changing the Shatt and the lower parts of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The study also discussed commercial and strategic importance of this river and also discussed the border disputes between the Ottoman (Iraq), Persia (now Iran) conflict between the two giants because of its strategic importance for both countries. Through search pages the health research hypothesis and is still the name of the Shatt al-Arab (SHATT AL ARAB) installed on all foreign maps and marine aladmiralih Arabic Which are the reference basis for closer geographical features and navigational routes in oceans, seas and rivers.

Problems of Exams Committees Members in Colledge of Education from their Own Point of Veiw

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sanaa A. Al-Jam; Asst. Prof. Dr. Safaa A. Al-Jam

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 163-188

This study aims at identifing problems the faculty members of examination committee in the college of education faced during achieving their work. To fulfill the goals, the study built a tool to identify the problems, consisted of (30) item and applied to (50) of lecturers members of the examination committee in the college of education.
The results showed the existence of problems experienced by members of the examination committee in the college education, also confirmed that there were no statistically significant differences between male and female in the problems.

Rhythmic structure in a poem of Christ after the crucifixion of the poet Badr Shaker Sayyab

taz Qusi Yaseen; Lect.Mu

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 189-212

The rhythm is one of the important elements that underlie poetry because its subjects are directly connected to the mental state of poets. Also it is one of the most important elements in the production of significant poetic text. The study based on this premise has been selected from the poem (Christ after the crucifixion) for the poet Badr Shaker Sayyab as a sample through which knowledge-dimensional rhythmic poetic experience incurred by the poem can be seen.
The study is a reading to determine the level of symmetry and harmony achieved between the semantic content and construction rhythmic poem that provide the dimensions of subjective vision of a unified dimensions to the issue of emission after death, and are accompanied by the emotions of remorse and fear, those are poetic image, which seized the poem from beginning to end, has been able to rhythmic structure that embodies those suffering and poetic representation of the dimensions of the semantic content of the text.

Interpretation in the Writings of Gramerians, Rhetoricals, Old Exponents and Modernlists

Prof. Dr. Kazem Luxury Hajim

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 213-278

Interpretation is and old new theme, but it remains new and needs a lot of hard work and studies. This is because of the ideas that it is renewed in every moment and while as it is self-evident; it shall be deemed interpretation double-edged sword, it is from the face of one of the most dangerous methods leading to disagreement among Muslims, and Muslims took place in and caught him, but because of the remote interpretation is based mental standards express or correct legal standards, has had impact and clear through the course of the ages, and the face of gravity and lies in it beyond the text boundaries and surpass the gloss is the focus of a difference in terms of acceptance or rejection, and if spoiled intents and purposes become the interpretation of a way to get away from texts or disabled, or disarmament sanctity like the Qur'aan Quran from the hearts of people, or misrepresentation to be out to con them, and another face is the interpretation of the greatest aids to maintain law and transmit the spirit by expanding the agreed meaning of the text, to accommodate all well-maintained and updated to the hour, and without affecting the law stagnation and insularity; because the texts infinitely limited, and the facts is finite, and Muslims believe that Islam is in favor of every time and place, and of the fact, but the rule of God.
The word interpretation of the meaning of language has evolved that has become a term to prove its importance in intellectual environment lacked him, even taken on to her pussy and walked in the direction of active and passive to the point of difference in the concept of interpretation of science to another, and can not prevent one of the to comb his thought, and touring researchers and Maola as The thought is the mental processes performed by the mind of man which enables the modeling of the world in which he lives; he can count that it more effectively live.

The Grammatical Causes in AlAkhbar(The news) Book of Abu AlKassim AlZajaji

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mahmad Abdul- Khadhn; Researcher. Omar Abdul-Hadi Mutter

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 279-310

The studies of grammatical causes are an old ones, and may go along with the beginnings of the grammatical studies. Abu AlKassim AlZjaji has a long experience, and an influencing hand on these studies. He was the first to classify and edit a book devoted to the grammatical cause, and he called it (clarification of the grammatical causes) (AlIedha' Fi Illal AlNahu). His Efforts were not only confined to this book, but exceeded to analysis and scrutiny in other books and letters that we have received so far. One of these is (The News) (AlAkhbar) which was investigated by our teacher, AbulHussein AlMubark. AlZjaji in his book (The News) has been interested in issues of grammar and topics of effective case, which was built by the rule, and determined on it the judgement of grammatical cause, by mentioning the issue and the opinions of the grammarians where their evidence and reasons, even in sometimes up reach the dialectical theory, and then concludes in a perfect way ,to settle the dispute, and determine the right solution, either in favor of someone, or detailed to what is ambiguous in their terms, or solo opinionated and contrary to their opinions all. It is in all of that, he was, mostly , checking the accuracy and simplicity in presenting the grammatical causes.

Designing and Manufacturing a solar heater and evaluating its performance under different atmospheric circumstances of Basra city.Iraq

Lect. Ahmed. J. Mohammed

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 311-330

In this research a solar water heater has been constructed and it’s performance has been evaluated under different atmospheric circumstances of Basra city. This region is well known of it’s plentiful of solar radiation. The solar heater has consists from the Copper tubes and the total area of (0.45 m2). Several additions have been made and examined in order to increase the performance of the solar heater, we found this experimental study that the efficiency without any improvement is (41%), and increase to (48.5%) by using glass tubes for the solar heater, and increase to (59.5%) by using external light reflector for the glass tubes.