ISSN: 1994-4721

Volume 20, Issue 1994

Volume 20, Issue 1994, Autumn 2015, Page 1-210

Salinity Intrusion in Shatt Al-Arab River, Southern Iraq

Lect. Hazem A.Al-Sayab

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 1-14

The factors influencing the salinity intrusion in Shatt al-Arab river estuary are as follows: the river mouth shape, the discharge, the sea level variation, the wind and its direction, etc. The observed data (2009 to 2012) show that when the upstream runoff decreases, the salinity observed in the rivers increases, and vice versa. The salinity intrusion results from natural and human factors. The intensity of salinity intrusion is mainly controlled by the tide activity and upstream runoff. Prevention of the salinity intrusion and solution of the problem of water resources in the Shatt al-Arab River must be based on the discharge and reasonable arrangement of water resources in the whole river. In order to reduce salinity intrusion effectively and protect the water supply in the Shatt Al-Arab River, some effective measures must be taken to control the increase of water consumption and water pollution. To solve the problem of water supply in Shatt Al-Arab river, the hydraulic engineering construction in the river shall be strengthened, which can adjust the upstream runoff in different seasons. The mechanism of salinity intrusion in the Shatt al-Arab River shall be studied further and the early warning system of salinity intrusion shall be established, to provide the scientific support for preventing salinity intrusion and ensuring a reliable water supply.

The study of the impact of Metrological effect on the water Shatt Al-Arab

Assis. Prof. Dr. Abdul Haleem A.AL-Muhyi

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 1-24

The strength of the interaction between the elements of weather and climate, and sea water surfaces or shallow water surfaces constitutes naval and air phenomena constitute. The water of Shatt al-Arab, like the water in the seas and oceans affected qualitatively and quantitatively by the elements of weather and climate. Wind plays a large role in the rise of water surface , generation of waves, increase the amount of evaporation, generation of sea currents, change the concentration of salt in sea water in addition to other effects of weather elements on water. Therefore, in our work we studied some phenomena , including the amount of water evaporation, speed of the current, wave heights , wave energy and the concentration of salts. Results show that the elements of weather and climate have a clear impact on the water of Shatt al-Arab

The Study of some influencing factors in a disease diabetes mellitus in Basra.

Lect .Sahera Hussein Zain Al-Thaalabi

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 25-44

Diabetes is a chronic disease that continues with the individual over his life, which affects not only a member or part of the body but affects and negatively affect all members of the body beginning of the skin and the bone ends. Through all the tissues and organs of the heart and blood vessels. It also affects the patient or his family economically.
The diabetes and its complications a big problem from the health, social and economic worthwhile is increasingly widespread day after day, and its relationship to the progress of civilization are positively correlated Unlike many of the diseases that scientific progress was able to reduce them, but on some of them are totally eliminated.
Has been taking the sample from the center of Endocrinology, Diabetes Hospital in Port-General in Basra for people living with disease, diabetes in 2012 and reached the sample (123) patients were relying in this sample some of the factors that affect directly or indirectly in the incidence of diabetes and thisfactors are (the patient's age, sex of the patient, the patient's weight and length to extract the body mass index, marital status of the disease as well as the percentage of sugar in the blood of the patient, measured for three consecutive months).
And that the lack of statistical studies on this disease and severity of the most important reasons that encouraged the study of statistical study.

The results reflected a clear impact of obesity in diabetes disease and thus may have confirmed the statistical side of the medical opinion.

The reality of psychogical Counseling Services at Basra University Students

Assis. Prof. Dr.Saffa Abdul-Zahraa AL- Jamaan; Searcher. Allaa Kadhim Al-Musawi

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 45-71

Targeted study has two aims ,the first one is the perception measurement of universities students to the psychological counseling , while the second one is the knowing of the universities students perception males and females , to achieve the aims of this study the researcher built tool to measure universities students perception to the psychological counseling services .
The researcher applied this tool , after processing the study concluded that there is no perception to the psychological counseling services .
In delight of the study , the researcher submitted group of recommendations and suggestions .

Scholars of Basra (Sheikh Abdul Hadhli AL-Fafhli AS Sample) Study in his effects

Assis. Lect. Hussein Ali Mahdi Noor

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 72-95

Basrah was an old city . It has got a good reputation as mentioned in the books of history . It was famous due to it unowlege and scientists . ALL those scientists wrote about this city .AL – Basrah was a source of Inspiration . It was eharacterized by its shining thonghts and cultural spirit . Many scientists, Artists and thinkers were born in this place. They wrote many books in many subjects.
One of those writers was AL – shaikhAbid Al-Hadi AL- Fadhli . He was agreat scientist .
He was a student as well as teacher. AL – Fadhli was a very well – khown Thinker as well as a writer and a scientists.

Scholars of Basra (Sheikh Abdul Hadi AL-Fadhli AS Sample) Study in his effects

Dr. Huda Sahnawi

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 96-143

The researcher has spared no effort to show the genius of this unequaled poet throughout her research paper, enhancing her ideas by logical and practical inferences from selected samples of his poetry, especially the immigration or the exile poetry, as he himself calls it.
She sees that the poet looks at the position of immigration -exile- through two angles and one distance. The two angles are the inside and the outside which are considered an inseparable integration, and the distance is the absolute which is materialized in the universe, at one time, and in man or homeland at another time.
Therefore, she has chosen many immigration or exile samples of the poet al-Sheikh Askar, as she followed in her study and analysis the following steps or methods:
1-The comparative method: Here, she has shown the points of similarities and differences, brevity and repetition of the pictures, metaphors, and the differentiation between the inherited and the contemporary.
2-The Inductive method which appears in the tables and charts which are included in the folds of the research paper.
3- The Historical method which has become clear as she has made the final collected poems, the centre of her study. Not only has she sufficed by this study, but also she has returned to his previous collections, to enhance her point of view, and conclusions.
Perhaps, In doing so, she has discovered much of the features of the poetry of this contemporary immigration poet, and his poetic method.

Photos of nature in Poetry ALayyab (Rain Song) As aSample

Assis. Dr. Salam Hadeed Rusn

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 144-175

The images of nature occupied a large Al-Sayyab poetry, because he employs a various images of nature in his numerous stages of his life. Such as romantic, reality and selfness and he continuously used the different images of nature such as silent and living in order to reach his poetry to the nation and his human passions to meeting.
In addition, he showed his ideas and potential meaning of his poems, As well as, all these devices were done by using various literary styles. Fur ther more Al – Sayyab used all that is symbolic and mythical in his various images of nature that he included in his poetry by means of his artistic figures aesthetically in his poems That is why he has become one of greet Arab poets in this field

The Peauty Of Nature In Poetry Of Abi Nawas

Assis. Lect. Wijdan Sadq Saddam

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 176-194

The research summary trading with study and analysis of the vision poet Abinawas for the beauty of nature from which identify the models of his poetry which he showed as what most of the poetry were thinking about Abu Aawaslived most of his life an a poet . He left during a time of 40 years . In there poems he dealf with many subjects and styles . He made creative descriptions and colours in details .
He made relations with princes , kalifs and leaders . He moved to many place . There places added colours and beauty to his werks . Due to the above efforts he was very outitanding poets . I tried in this research to shed light on the vition of the poet for the boetry of nature through focusing on samples of desarptions . His poetry indicates his unique ability

The Causes of Poetry and it's Incentives in Clossical Arabic Litrature

Lect.Dr. Khalid Saqban Hassan

Basra studies journal, Volume 20, Issue 1994, Pages 195-210

It was the desire in me to write a subject line with cash the old and Tnzirath in the Code of Arabic literature, though, that the subjects of Classical Arabic Literature addressed researchers lesson and analysis even think of the researcher that nothing new could provide, if they tried to run in this . This thing is who gave the expanse of hope in the feasibility study, and then it was a catalyst for research on the subject discloses the good spirit of our scientists Venerable, who did nottheir knowledge to the people, and tried to present the accumulation of their technical expertise.