ISSN: 1994-4721

Volume 18, Issue 1994

Volume 18, Issue 1994, Autumn 2014, Page 1-270

The Security Protection of Corporatw governance Sites in Basra

Lect.Nada Bader; Lect.Khulood Moosa

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 1-29

The rapid developments in information technology applications helped the growing institutional capacity in the field of digitization, as it opened the way for the adoption of programs and applications e-governance, which aims to improve institutional performance in the public and private sectors, and a desire Iraqi governmental institutions to benefit from the application of information technology in facilitating ways transactions and simplify administrative procedures completed transactions of citizens, has pursued this strategy institutions develop e-governance applications. The building gates of e-governance in Iraq will have a positive impact on the organization of administrative work, and build bridges of communication between the community and the government as well as the importance of this step in the development of the community of the importance of concepts of IT applications and the extent of their contribution to the simplification of procedures for administrative and banking transactions. So it is important to be fruitful application experiences and give a positive effect contributes to change the traditional pattern prevailing in the completion of administrative transactions. Perhaps one of the most important positives of e-governance, lies in its ability to provide a high level of transparency and reduce administrative corruption phenomenon resulting originally from direct contact between the citizen and the officer responsible for the completion of transactions.
The research governance principles electronic and importance and highlights the governance systems and mechanisms applied to companies, and highlight the importance of the application of the concept of governance for companies operating in the economic environment in the province of Basra, the capital of Iraq's economic, and design an electronic portal for corporate governance operating in the province and protect the site of this portal using file htaccess. And building and security measures to prevent attacks on the site as well as early detection of penetrating the network using honeypots.

- “RecognisingAnd Comprehending Metaphor in Media Political Report:A Cognitive Study”

Prof. D. Hamid Majid Al-Hamadi; M.A. IyadLatif Abdul-Jabbar

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 1-43

This work discusses the problematic areas in recognising and comprehending metaphor in media political reports . It is based on what Lakoff and Johnson (1980) called " Conceptual Metaphor". The researchers have selected some extracts from political reports and tried to investigate the metaphorical expressions in these extracts. The hypothesis of the study states that there are some points of difficulty in recognising and comprehending metaphor by non-native speakers of English. In addition, there are some metaphorical expressions which can be recognised and comprehended more easily than others. This is because not all people are alike in their linguistic competence. It is one of the findings of the study that linguistic experience plays a crucial role in metaphor recognition and comprehension. The study covers a number of political reports written on different occasions, and the informants have been requested to recognise and interpret the metaphorical expressions which may be found in these reports. Meanwhile, a well- educated native speaker has been requested to respond to the same test items and his response has been used as the norm. By comparing these responses to those of the non-native informants, it has clearly shown that it is possible to diagnose the points of difficulty in metaphor recognition and comprehension, by non-native informants.
The study has mainly concentrated on the role of the academic rank of the informants in metaphor recognition and comprehension. The variable of academic rank can be used to trace the linguistic experience each informant has. Therefore, it has been found out that informants with the academic rank of professorship have scored higher than other informants who are of less academic ranks, and so on.

Changes in Basrah town market and consumer's Protective

Lect.Jwad Kadim Hameed

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 30-55

The research aims to analyze the reality of the market in the province of Basrah and the predominant features him and the relationship of the consumer protection because he is the final goal of economic activity in order to reach the vision which can be adopted to ensure the protection of the consumer as the weaker party in the economic equation .

Geopolitical Importance of the Great Port of Faw

D.Muhammad Zibari Moans

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 56-81

THE Geopolitical importance of AL Fao Big Port appears through investing Iraq Geographical Location in achieving Iraq spatial demands locally and internationally . This can be done through it future effect on the international transport direction because it represents a ground bridge between the east and west .it shortens time and space in contrast suze canal and Cape of good hope

The housing deficit in the city of Al-Zubair and the future need

Lect.Firas Sami Abdulaziz Alqatrani

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 82-111

The significance of the research stems from the importance of the housing unit along with the social, cultural and economic dimensions it reflects, which affect directly and indirectly human activities and people’s daily life. Housing is socially related to the habits of the population, their traditions, values, behavior patterns and natural conditions of their region, and is also considered one of the basic needs of man. Man is not only a biologically creature that eats, drinks, spawns, and in search for a shelter to live in, but he is a psychological being that meditates, gets excited, dreams, bothered by noise, and enjoys order and harmony. He is bothered by chaos when living in a turbulent environment void of order, harmony and of agreement, and is filled with depression when his residence becomes a mere shelter even with the availability of the human basic needs of food and drink, clothing and shelter, health and educational services, these represent only necessity and subsistence, yet there are other levels of needs that humans require in order to enjoy more humanly convenient conditions.
The general population increase in the city over the past three decades has led to a deficit in the number of housing units, creating a situation that is not appropriate with the aspirations of the contemporary urban resident.

attitudes confidentiality of mahmmood al brekan towards the heritage

Dr. Sabah A. Suwayid

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 112-134

The poet Mahmoud Al-Breakan has a unique individuality in Modern Iraqi Poetry , despite his remoteness from light spot and his flinch in publishing his poetic products , except in limited and divergent times. However , he became a distinct phenomenon , added to the Arabic poetry many artistical touches such as the way he treated the heritage . He did not just treat it with observation as the many other poets did , or overthrow a heritage state over a modern reality . One can observe these states in his poetry such as his treatment of myth and legendry heritage characters , his new understanding of heritage as well ,particularly , the way he uses animals and objects in poems which relied on the mask technique ;while his colleagues depend on the heritage characters and overthrow the modern state over them . This is a new treatment and there is no other Arabian poet who anteceded him , especially when he made these animals' destinies equal to the human's nowadays .
In addition to his important treatment of heritage in his poem ( The Story of the Sculpture from Ashour ) which , alone , constituted an unprecedented unique in the Arabian modern poetry from the point of the artistical functioning of heritage . One can say that this poem controverts the following sequence of heritage treatment by all the other Arabian poets , in respects to the implied narration in the Lyrics and in its formation . In averment to an important mark of Al-Breakan's poem formation in general , not in this poem only , and that is Al-Breakan is the poet of the endings in the Arabic Poetry . That is to say , he puts the result in front of his eyes and drives the poem to its destiny which he begins first , opposite to the most of Arabian modern poets . That makes him the poet of endings or of finals .
In whole , it seems that the poet's artistical touches to his interest in philosophy , and no one denied that he is the poet of ideas in the Arabian modern poetry , he is supported with a huge linguistic fortune and unlimited education .

Indication difference of Quran utterance in origin of creation and Prostration order by Speet Alneely

Lect. Haitham Kadhim salih

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 135-156

We have characterized the poem (How to learn to struggle in five days .....) the multiplicity of styles weighted, which is what I tried to detect and study stand it. It has proved consists of three weights, weight shun as well as two formats and Znatin not Aahdahma offers old Arab, namely Sigta (Mstfln Fol). And (Mstfln the Now therefore).Was opposed by researcher views the most important critics and researchers prove that the formulas do not belong to any weight of weights offers both in the final version in the House poetic or in circles offs and zap through understanding in Tab consideration and analysis of texts, and the study had contained the rotation and divided into two types. Rotational symmetric (monaural). And rotation multi tomography and two Tzmatan himself researcher. The diversification was also one of the elements of this poem has included two types of diversification, diversification tomography and diversification Alsatri.
Through the doors preview search is patient weight the importance of studying in the poem. Multiplicity of styles weighted where you can join it Office of my hair and not a single poem.

“The studyof theof factors of age and sex in the incidence of Tuberculosis in the province of Basra”

Lecturer Dr. Abdul Latif H. Ali Al-Kaabi

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 157-189

Inspired theatrical experiences throughout history, many of the customs, traditions and religious rituals that sought Mulqo and theater directors to employ them in a theatrical presentation by focusing on the spirit of the celebration.
The case of Iraq is a case of other people rich in religious manifestations, intellectual and cultural, including the day of Ashura rituals of funeral readings and presentations Alchabiah approaching largely of theatrical performances.
The condolences Husseiniya ritual rooted in social reality and her special techniques at the level of acting and directing, as well as sound effects Other costumes that turn the receiver to the Umayyad period and with the continuation of this incident is making other does not give importance to the element of historical accuracy in a fashion so that the just for the dress to the air of a religious nor political nor Stratus him.
But the researcher believes it is necessary to confirm the shape and fashion the system offers Alchabiah Husseiniya through his paper entitled employing theatrical costumes in Basra Alchabiah Husseiniya a model.
Department researcher purely into four chapters - the first chapter - the systematic framework and set the goals of his research, including the following -
1 - To identify the mechanism Couture Arab and historical accuracy in Alchabiah Offers Husseiniya.
2 - to identify the names and types of outfits Arab men, women and weapons Arab hired in Alchabiah Husseiniya.
While ensuring the second quarter - the theoretical framework -
Umayyad era dresses and head and body and women's football and men's and arms Arab concluded Chapter indices reached Albhe researcher
The third chapter - Find measures - chose researcher Display Alchabiah Husseiniya in Basra deliberate for suitability to the goals of the research.
Finally, the fourth quarter results, which included a list of sources and supplements.

The Problem of the Salinity Increase in Shatt Ah-Arab: Reality and Solutions.

Prof. Dr. Osama H. Yusuf

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 190-204

The present study deals with the increasing salinity in Shatt Al-Arab and how to solve this problem. It suggests to build a dam on Shatt Al-Arab river near the borders between Iraq and Iran. A diverting canal starting from this dam parallel to Shatt Al-Arab and close to the road connecting Basrah city with Fao city. All Shatt Al-Arab tributaries should be connected to this channel and closed from Shatt Al-Arab with small dams. Dams should be controlled by regulators to control water level. This will reduce the effect of Arab Gulf salt front and drainage water. The study illustrates the canal and how it works.

Basrah Journal of Surgery for the period 2004-2011 analytical study

Dr. Salman Judi Dawood; Ekhlas Abdul Amir Sawadi

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 205-231

The study aimed to identify literature, published in the Basrah Journal of Surgery period (2004-2011) in terms of size and authors and subjects this literature has followed the approach quantitative for the completion of this study has exited the study after the results of the most important: the number of Business (313) work of them (209) Research and studies and (6) and reports (43) Articles (18 words) and (22) Special (15) biographies The operation has contributed in his offspring publication where (269) authors, has been distributed on the realization of (148 )subject headings, Has won each of the Subject (bone - Pathogenesis) and (gall bladder surgery -) the highest proportion of the literature (3.87%) the study recommended a number of recommendations, including: call Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Presidency of the surgical department to take advantage of this study is to draw a scientific policy of the department and the college, and the preparation of alphabetical subject index of the Journal is published annually and cumulative index issued every three or five years and would prefer to be released this Scout in print and electronic and manual is available on the university website on the internet.

The reality of public libraries in the province of Basrah

Lecturer A; luddin T. Yasin

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 232-270

This study aims at exploring the status of the public libraries in basrah province . it also aims at knowing the characteristics of those who benefit from libraries and their satisfaction with them in relation to location , buildings , furniture , supplies ,the library collections the services provided .
Using the descriptive approach and depending on questionnaire to collect data from library users whose number is (120) are the techniques used in this study .
Results of the study show that most of the official staff in public libraries are high school degree holders or below that.
Library users expressed a satisfaction with the official staffing and the places in which the public libraries are located , but they expressed dissatisfaction with library collections and the services provided at the libraries .
The study recommends the following :
*the need to appoint specialized staffs in information and libraries .
*Increase the funds credits to enable libraries meet their needs .
*Establishing sub-libraries in the heavily populated areas to provide library service for a large number of the society.