ISSN: 1994-4721

Volume 13, Issue 1994

Volume 13, Issue 1994, Autumn 2012, Page 1-353

Effectiveness of signs in the tales of Panchatantra (the study of semiotics)

Nasser Shaker al-Asadi; Khaled gesture Baqer

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 1-28


The of this study is discover the confined codes which form the main core in the construction of heritage text. Concentrating-first of all- on the kind of signs which are considered as the main keys to kalilah wa- dimnah text. This kind of titles of ibn Al- Muqaffa,s book stimulates a sort of activity of semiotic sign . Hence, the research concentrates on the title of kalilah wa-dimnah, because it incites the reader to indulge deeply in its construction, hopping to discover it,s meaning. The research tries to give a great significance to the title through the two heroes. The researcher notices that the book is a sort of condensed discourse through the dialogue of kalilah and dimnah who did not indicate absolute masculanity.The research states that ibn Al- Muqaffa,skill in attaching these two female mames to round male characters . Then , the researcher examined the action of these heroes, and the impact of the activity of the activity of signs .

On Language Acquisiton Langage Learning Afield Study at the Scgools of Basra

Asst.Prof .Dr. Hameed Majeed AL- Hamadi

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 1-28

Traditionally, it was believed that language acquisition and language learning were two different processes, but this study hypothesizes that they are more or less similar at certain age stages, depending on language universals and universal linguistics. The advocates of the former point of view are those like Krashen, Wilkins, Schutz, and Asher, who distinguish between language acquisition and language learning. They state that language acquisition requires natural communication in which speakers are concerned with the messages they are conveying and understanding, not with the form of what they produce. Whereas language learning concentrates on form rather than communication.
Depending on language universals and Chomsky’s Universal Grammar, the researcher has chosen a number of different private primary schools, at Basra, teaching English at early stages, and examined the accomplishments of the pupils both in English and Arabic. The results have shown that the learning accomplishments of the pupils in English are more or less similar to those of acquiring Standard Arabic which is more or less the origin or cover umbrella of Basra Arabic.
Statistics have been applied to both of the English performance and the Arabic performance, and so the results have strongly supported the researcher's hypothesis.

Spinning in Abu Uyaynah hair Almhellba

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 29-58


The researcher of the Present Paper has studied the Poetry one of the poets of basrah who lived in the second century ah she has explored bis love potry and found out that it constitutes almost half of his poetry the results the paper has arrived at show that his love poetry is of two types spiritual and erotic love poetry his spiritual love poetry is represesented in his poems about Fatima who is called dunya his erotic poetry is represented in his poems about slave giris and singers the current paper also deals with the artistic aspects of his poetry i e style image and rbythm his language is easg lt is not vague he also succeeds at showing his images lt appears that he uses most of the khalilyan meters he is skilful at using suitable rhyms .

Significant grammatical structures (precluding sex in Qur'anic expression)

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 59-90

This search about negation (no) and its using in Quran from the language structure then the Quranian structure . Quran put the words in its appropriate place and if it similar in its saying the meaning of one word in sentence is different on another word in another sentence .
The of this search is following coming of negation (no) in Quran and comparative it with the similar word in another sentence. And before its studied in Quran it study in language building and know what the languager say .
Negation (no) has more feature like its predicate is deleting many time in Quran and its because the eloquence Quran and his desire to release the judge and don’t specification , more of this the listener can understand the meaning without mention the predicate .Its name don’t be deleted because its week manner don’t suit with the language of Quran and lead to dark .
And may be the reason is to cohere its name with it , and looking as one structure .To that reason Sibawua make it as one word and don’t separation between them .
The method of the search is clear and it stand on describe the words that related with negation (no) and follow this in language books and language dictionaries and the searcher benefit from many resource .
From it about language ,grammar books as Sibawua book ,Magna Al Labib , Sharih Ibn Aqil and from it deal with quran studied as explain books and Maani Al Quran Wa Earabah .
This search is doing by: Saeed Ibrahim Saeehood

Battle of the Camel study to determine the site

Shukri Nasir Abdul Hassan

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 91-120


Al-Jamal battle considered a turning point in the Islamic history, because it was a true battle which was taking place between two Islamic factions. Although Basrah city was the Islamic legions that advanced towards the East, there was no a perfect study that specified the place of the battle exactly. Historians had been different views on this event. This fact, made the researcher of this topic follows and studies the historical scripts which indicated to place of the battle.
This research tries to find answer several questions,including:the circumstances and causes of the choosing of the battle's place, impacts of the popular attitude on this choosing, and whether Al-Jamal battle was taking place in one locations or more.
This research answered and focused on these questions, and relied on the historical narrations that indicated to it, keeping in mind, its chronicles. In conclusion, the study showed Al-Jamal's battle was taking place in the northern region of Basrah,namely Al- Zawaya region which was about at a distance of two leagues from the central city(Al-Khutwa Mosque) of Basrah.After his victory in Al-Jamal battle, Imam Ali did not go far from Al-Masjed(Mosque) and left for Al-Kufa,capital of tt the new Islamic state.

Population growth in the province of Basra (Iraq) and the province of Khuzestan (Iran) Comparative Study

Hussein Mohammad Qasim

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 121-153


This study addresses The population growth in the province of Basrah and Khuzestan , a comparative study of what this phenomenon is important to know the size of the population in the future , and put development plans appropriate as will the size of the population , wear selected provinces referred to the Geographical proximity , and the similarity of circumstances of economic and social development , and the extent of the impact.
These include the study of population growth in the province of Basra and Khuzestan province during the census that took place in Iraq, and Iran began in 1947, the first census in Iraq, and 1956, the first census in Iran will also address the distribution of this growth on the administrative units that make up each provinces according to the latest census and estimates for 2007 in Iraq, Censuses 1996 and 2006 in Iran, and the statement of variation in the growth and impact of components of population growth: the natural increase rate (Births and Deaths), migration, and then access the results of specific aim of finding the best ways in the policy population and clear, and appropriate to take into consideration the economic situation, social in every province, and in each administrative unit composed of us to maintain and develop the appropriate development plans, according to the population growth will in the future

Views and Ben continued verbal tender

Haider Hussain short

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 154-177


Before the emergence of intellectual isolationists brigade to hand out bin tender, there was a religious controversy began Bmcolat intellectual dialectic was the first foundations of thought Mu'tazili including:

1 - that man is absolutely free Mukhtar He creates his actions himself uttered the Temple of hell, which went to Abdul Malik ibn Marwan Abd al-Rahman bin with Shaggy, and he was killed pilgrims year 80 AH, after the failure of his movement. As well as spoken Gillan Damascus during the reign of Umar bin Abdul Aezzbz who was killed by Hisham bin Abdul Malik.

2 - Create the Quran and denied the qualities that uttered Jahm bin Safwan, and he was killed by Muslim ibn Mezni stronger that in 128 AH, who said denying qualities also Ja'd Bin Dirham, who was killed Khalid bin Abdullah forced to Kufa.
Then emerged Isolationists brigade of thought on the hand and continued to Ben Ata al-Ghazal (80 AH - 131 AH) who was a disciple of Hasan al-Basri, and then retired from the ring mentor Hassan after saying that the perpetrator of the great in between the middle range (ie, not a believer nor an infidel) and that he will abide in Hell if they do not repent before his death, has lived in the days of Abd al-Malik bin Marwan Hisham bin Abdul Malik and the band attributed to him called Ballowasalip.

Has emerged this band called the views of certain rules: Kcolhm denying qualities, to say the extent, and status among the middle range, and the position of the combatants on the strings and two rows. Then adopted the isolationists on the mind in understanding the beliefs and keep them away to the issues of partial was divided into communities with their agreement on key principles of the five - of any assets of the five characteristic band isolationists - all with a range of these communities came Bbda new apart from the other sect and named herself a s the ownerwho took him .

Recent trends in the estimate of taxable income in selected Arab countries with reference to Iraq

Siham Mohammed Jassim; Fatima Jassim Mohammed

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 178-221


This research aims to investigate the recent trend in the assessment of the taxable income by focusing on the self-assess approach and achieved the voluntary commitment to paying the tax. In order to help the income tax legislator to re-evaluate traditional methods . For this purpose , many Arabic and English books , articles , reports , previous studies and search in internet site were used . The research used a questionnaire method , and the statistical analysis was used to analysis the data . The results show that , the absence of understanding to tax for most of taxable and weak performance of tax administration . Besides that the weak in economic and security circumstances led to abstention of most the taxpayers to introduce their tax report on time . The research presents some necessary recommendations which may contribute to improve the tax reality and to develop the performance of tax management which will enhance their roll in assist the treasury by the tax collection .

Analytical study of the production of electric power Hartha steam in the province of Basra for the years 2011 -2012

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 222-237

Iraq has enormous potential for the development and upgrading He has a wealth of natural oil and mineral addition to the wealth of mankind efficient and capable, but there are a large proportion of children living below the poverty line, and lacks even the most basic necessities of life but an electricity crisis as a result of what he suffered from the economic blockade and the realization of violence and sabotage the ongoing and affecting lines, transmission towers, which led to lower production levels, despite the effort of the government is making promises continuing to improve power remains most of the families waiting for a small part of these promises, especially in the summer the temperature rises to more than 48 degrees Celsius.
The research aims to find the best statistical method used to predict the production of energy for power plant steam
Hartha in the province of Basra.
With regard to the practical side came from the data power station Hartha steam for the period from (2010-1993) as a side product, and when you use several formulas to predict the researcher reached a way to boot ASI is one of the best ways has been predicted for the years 2011-2012 and using the form exponential was the total output is 1416389.1416387 respectively.

The reality Iraqi Almaani and future prospects (Faw port model)

Mary Khairallah behind

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 238-267

Iraq has four major commercial port that represented by um Qasser port, khor al –zubair port, ma,akal port and abu floos port. Um Qasser port has the biggest role in containing the ships and represents the first commercial importance due to the features that has which come in prior is the sea navigation lines and the availability of the suitable docks for ships receive. Khor al –zubair port comes second in importance, than Abu Floos port in third ,and ma,akal port in fourth place because of it's small containing capacity. The research referred as well to grand Faw port which is one of the strategic grand projects in Iraq ,when all plans ,studies and researches of this project were prepared, grand Faw port considered as a part of the dry channel that connects Arab gulf through basrah ports with the madeterian sea, through Syria ,and connects the Arab gulf as well with north Europe through turkey ,and this port will has a big effect on the Iraqi economy.

An economic study of the problem of traffic congestion in the city of Basra

Wael Qasim Rashid

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 268-297

The research discusses factors and causes participate in raising traffic jam in general and in Basra in particular .The research focuses on the economical factors that cause traffic jam .The most important of which is that consumer favorites special vehicle rather than public one because of its features and cost factor that is less in comparison with public vehicle ,in addition to demand nature on public vehicle which is similar to demand on less goods .Moreover the research indicates to economical and social effects and damages of this phenomenon which lead the researcher to put suitable solutions and treatments to help decision makers and specialists in facing this problem in addition to increasing the consciousness and understating in society .

Journals Journal of Studies Court Basra: A Case Study

Ali Samad Khudair

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 298-324

Abstract: scientific journals Court, an important source of information used by researchers in the search for information, particularly concerning modern jurisdiction and the interest of researchers. The process of publishing in scientific journals Court require many standards and universally adopted standard in the publishing process, whether professional or scientific aspects as patrol to lack most of this specification, and the present study focused on technical and scientific aspects in Basrah studies magazine, published by the Centre d'Etudes Basra Basra University and the conditions laid down by the magazine and the commitment the researchers and the role played by the Editorial Board of the journal and how to deal with this research.

Transition to digital libraries at the University of Basra ways and obstacles from the point of view of working in libraries: An Empirical Study

Basra studies journal, Volume 13, Issue 1994, Pages 325-353

This paper presents a field study in the libraries of the University of Basra to see the quality standards that must be met by working in Libraries in order to switch to digital libraries, and the impact of the culture of information technology (Internet and computers) to the library professionals and managers to provide services In this type of library. And by clarifying the definition of digital libraries and other terms, calling them and ways of implementation and its relationship with workers in libraries will be working on a p- Based on recent trends - which must be available in libraries and information specialists, which will measure the level of services to be provided in the libraries of the future at the university.roposal quality standards.