ISSN: 1994-4721

Volume 12, Issue 1994

Volume 12, Issue 1994, Autumn 2011, Page 1-378

The Uses of Well By advanced Iraqi EFL Learners

Assist .Lect. Muneera Mehdi Muhsin; Lect. Jasim Mohammed Hassan

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 1-16

The present study investigates the use of “well” by Iraqi EFL learners of English at the university level. The study explores whether the learners make use of the different func

Semantic dimensions to show the actor in the form of explicit name in the Koran

Amer Abdul-Mohsen Al-Saad

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 1-28

This research assumes that the verbal image, which the syntactic function is led by it in the Holy Quran, has static image that falls under it semantic dimensions and cannot be produced by any other image.
To verify this hypothesis, the research adopted image for the overt noun when it leads function as Subject, thus it reveals number of achieved meanings as a result of that usage.
In this context, the search emphasized the depth of cohesion among parts of structure in terms of its pronunciation, function and meaning. this asserts that the Quranic structure shows image that pronunciations are chosen precisely to give specific syntactic functions and then to produce accurate meanings that be difficult to reach into them without such structures

Following bigeye in the collection of Nahj

Qasim Khalaf Mishari

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 29-54

In the Name of Allah, mast cracious, most merciful, and peacebe upon our prophet Mohammad and his family and th0sewho follow then ever.
Thes research sheds lighton one important and remarkable Paper of Aljahidh (255 HD)Work represented by (ahundred words) or(ahundred words of wisdom)Or ( ahundred proverbs) As named Brocklman. These words are said by Imam Ali(p.) and compiled by Aljahidh to from later on apart of Nahjul Balagha. Most of this compilation is used by AL shareeful Radhi. Especially in last part of Nahjul Balagha . entitled (Advice& wisdom) . or Short Sayings Hi also mentions some of them in ( Characteristics of Imam) .
After that many of these words are collected by a bdul wahid Al Amede ( 550 AH) in ( Ghurarul Hikam wa durarul kalim ). Al maidan ( 518 AH) also narrats many in ( mujamul Amthal).
In addition those words are narrated in many other sources such as:(Tuhaful Uqool )and Nuzhatul Nadher ) and ( Al durratul Bahira min Al Asdafil Tahira) . ( Uyoonul Hikam walMawaidh wa ThakhratulMutaidh wal waidh ) and (Taraif Ibn Tawoos)(dustoor maalemul hikam) ( majmaul Albahrein) ( nathrul Laali) and Biharul Anwar) . moreover many of these words are mentioned in most of the interpretations of Najul Balagha. And its indicated and emphazed in the of these interpretations.That Al Jahidh has compiled (ahundred words).and caused their inclusion in Najul Balagha.

Language Narratives Basra in Mukhtar Asahah to Abu Bakr al-Razi

Khalil behind Bashir

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 55-86

This is a study lexical to the Gazetteer of Almagamat shortcut is a glossary of selected Asahah to Abu Bakr al-Razi dealt with the Almruyat linguistic Besrien in this dictionary and found many and varied, taking the views grammatical and
morphological irrigated from Hebron, sebo, chilled and Yunus ibn Habib place wide when not only Al-Razi on interpretation of the vocabulary, but also extended to the remembrance of these views so we find a diversity of Narratives visual, which included a novel Koran readings, and the modern novel, and the novel
dialects, and the novel poetry, novel expressed and the intruder also found that the evidence century Quran and reading, and evidence of the Hadith had been dominated by other evidence; because Razi A. Mokhtar Asahah but to maintain and writers and men of modern jurisprudence and, relying on approach is essential to choose the correct language of the Arabs, has been a century of the modern novel Interventions Besrien was correct a flaw or misrepresentation or clarify the ambiguous word in conversation.
The novel dialects were singled out scientists Chaffhoa Arabs such as Hebron or scientists took those translucent Arabs Ksebojh and Abu Zaid Al-Ansari and Alokhvc, and qualify some dialects, ugly or low quality, has been attributed to each tribe that spoke or to the world that recounted, and the novel hair has emerged Asma'i explained poets and poetry critic within the circle of protest language, and expressed the novel and the intruder and the novel Vadrtan ideals, and shows us the example of the paucity of visual position of martyrdom the same.
In this study, singled out the types of supplements Almruyat visual after omparing the study, Dr. Hashim Taha Shlash tagged(a study in selected Asahah) and what is found in the selected Asahah statistics cited by Dr. Hashem inaccurate.

Fear of pain in the hair Sayab

Najat Alwan Kanani

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 87-120

The way Al-Sayab grew up has a great effect on his feeling of deep pain that lead him to think of death and loss. He has lost his entire life in his search for love. His failure in finding love has affected hid personality a great deal. He lived in deep agony that made it difficult to implement his dreams in life. During his short and tortured life, he was able to portrait the social and political life and to defend laymen. He was able to oppose unfair governments to restore the looted rights of people.
His pain of illness was great and cruel especially he was poor and couldn't
find anyone to afford the expenses of treatment with him.


Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 121-157

There are various reasons behind building new cities .
Replacing an old city is one of these reasons , and this is exactly what happened with Basrah , which was built near the ruins of another city – called " Al – Khuraiba " later on .
Deferent stories were told about the history of Al – Khuraiba and its status before the Islamic conquest . It was the first target for the Islamic leader Utbah Bin Ghazwan ' the conqueror of Basrah ' from which he rushed in his con quests .
After the establishment of Basrah , Al – Khuraiba become just one of the districts of Basrah . A number of outstanding scholars lived in Al – Khuraiba like ' Dawood Bin Abdullah Alkhuraibi ' one of the Hadeeth Narrators . Al –
Khuraiba witnessed many vital events after the Islamic conquer . It was the battlefield of ' Al-Jamal ' campaign ( 36 AH) , it was also the battlefield of a combat between Al- Hajaaj army and Abdulrahman bin Al-Ashaath (83 AH).
During the Zinge war, the Zinge army entered Al-Khuraiba from three direction . Some battles took place near Al-Khuraiba Throughout the time of the Abbasi caliph 'Al-NasirLideen Allah' between Bani –Amir and Basrawies.

See Akhrajah poem (Tnoama bed empty) the poet Kazim Alhajjaj

Nasir Hashim Badn

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 158-179

The research falls mainly into four sections ,secition one includes the problem of the research ,its aim ,significance ,limits and a detailed definition of the term (vision).section two has two prinches, first was the direction vision and the text which help to awake the directer creative
,while the second was the term(direction) and the director vision teeling about some directors and them styles.
Thired section was the analysis of the music theatre show as the vision which director see .last section discusses the results and presents some recommendations the researcher concludes that the director-composer successfully in hisvision.

Study in the political thought of Ikhwan al-Safa

Ali Hadi Taher al-Musawi

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 180-259

Ikhwan alsafa divided the politics into ivekinds:prophetic politics ,royal politics, public politics,private politics,and personal politics.According to
their opinion ,the prophetic politics was the highest politics,since that the leader in this kind of politics is the prophet him self.
The royal politics,in their view, was represented in two authorities:divine authority represented by successors of the prophets who deserve this type of authority because of their abilities and qualities . the other kind of royal politics is the earthly authority that is represented by kings who get their authority by power and victory. According to the Akhwan ALsafaS view ,Allah gave both of prophetic and royal politics for som of his prophets such as :Suleiman,david ,Josef and Muhammad (Allahs blessing and peace be upon them).
The public politics is represented by persons who manage affairs of socity in states ,cities and towns terms of economical and military sides .
The private politics when a person manages his own affairs by himself in terms of his family ,friends and neighbors and so on.
The personal politics divides in to two types :selfs politics when aperson
Brought up himself according to moral values,while the bodily politics when he manages affairs of his own body.
IKhwan Alsafa discussed subject of the state in principle that the man unable to satisfy his needs alone,so he forced to live with others ,but it doesn’t mean that he is civil created in nature.
They asserted the role of the stars in rise and collapses the states ,and they believed that the state divided into many classes .
Also ,according to them ,they asserted on necessity of choosing the suitable person for the suitable position,all that based on the reason as criterion and they divided the individuals according to their minds and behaviors .
In addition, they spoke about the utopia ,and they merged the ideal with real sides where they tried to cover their wishing in establishing their own state .
They also propagated to unity in cultures ,religionsand doctrines trying to satisfy greater number of individuals for their own thoughts, and this actually has ideological and political aims.
In fact when they praised the different religionsand doctrines,at the same time ,they criticized the thought of the religions in their articles but using symbolic languages.

The most important elements to support the competitiveness of the economy Basri

Ali Talib Shahab

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 260-287

Competitiveness is one from important subject for all countries, especially with the global economic development which reflected in raise of activity of globalization which lead to connect all the world with wide net from information technology and communication , for these reasons it's hard for any country to be outside of this international system and enforced most countries to enter in this system, beside that the competitiveness is vital if the nation's firms are to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the international economy. And it helps in available suitable environment for allocation resources , and it encourage the innovation , raising standard of living for citizen's.
After 2003 Iraq adopted the open economy system, after decades of closing economy system and wars which lead to destroyed the infrastructure of this economy , Now Iraq should interest in his competitiveness capacity to achieve a high and rising standard of living.
Basrah is one of important governorate of Iraq economically , because of it's geographical position and it's human and economic resources , so the raising of competitiveness of Basrah will share in raising the competitiveness of all the Iraqi economy.
In this research we will try to answer these questions, what is competitiveness? , why competitiveness is important?, and how we can measure competitiveness?.

Shatt al-Arab channel field study

Ahmed Mays Sdjan; Sorour Abdulameer

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 288-331

The present study includes a physiochemical study of the water of Shatt – al – Basra Canal . As for the physical side , the dissolved solids have been measured . On the other side , the chemical variables comprised pH , dissolved oxygen , alkalinity , total hardness , calcium , magnesium , nitrate , nitrite and phosphate . All variables were beyond the impermissible level of drinking water except for pH , nitrate , nitrite and phosphate . As regards the agricultural purposes , water was usable in almost all stations . It is worth saying that the water of Shatt – al – Basra
Canal is considered unsuitable for food industries in most of the stations selected due to its contents of total hardness , dissolved solids and calcium . It is also worth mentioning that the water of Shatt – al – Basra Canal is unsuitable for fish living and breeding in most of the stations selected due to its contents of dissolved
oxygen .

Queuing theory (convoys) and their applications to Iraqi Almaani Commerce

Asaad Hindi Alasadi

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 332-354

Is waiting for merchant ships in the port a major problem leading to material losses for traders maritime companies on either end so the merchants and maritime companies seeking always to prefer ports where commercial traffic, including high speed in the work of Almnadlh Stevedoring The aim of this theory to explain the time covered by commercial vessels in the ports of Iraq and the pursuit of trade to reduce the time, either during operations or shipping or wait Altrig

Electronic Library between reality and ambition in the libraries of the University of Basra

Abdulnabi Snta

Basra studies journal, Volume 12, Issue 1994, Pages 355-378

This study has been prepared to deal with the groups of electronic libraries , their creations , their developments , their churacties, their advantages as well as the basic functions to establish this type of libraries which are also opened to internet and the future trends . this research has got same of the results and recommendations .