ISSN: 1994-4721

Volume 11, Issue 1994

Volume 11, Issue 1994, Autumn 2011, Page 1-222

The Identification of Sentence Fragmence and Runon Sentences :The Case of Translation Students at the University of Basra

Assist.Lecturer. Isra M. Salman; Dr. Juliana Y.Dawood

Basra studies journal, Volume 11, Issue 1994, Pages 1-44

Good Writing entails the student's constant ability to write well-structured and complete sentences. However, EFL students tend to produce some problematic sentences in their written assignments. The sentence fragment and the run-on sentence are among the problematic structures that recur in their writing in English. This study aims at identifying the types or patterns of these two faulty constructions which English-Arabic-English translation students face difficulty with. A recognition type of task is assigned to (76) female and male students in their second -year and fourth -year of study at the Dept. of Translation, University of Basra. The task comprises two tests including varied patterns of these errors presented and discussed in the practical side of the study. The study shows that all the students encountered difficulties in identifying complete sentence structures but in various percentages. For Test One, the female subjects of the second-year and fourth-year outperformed their male counterparts of both years. For Test Two, the fourth-year males encountered more difficulty in comparison with the rest of the subjects.

Writing from the inside heterogeneous poetry in existence Gardens book writer Mohammed Khudair

Dhiaa Radhi Al-thamery

Basra studies journal, Volume 11, Issue 1994, Pages 3-56

This research attempts at investigating the story writers statement Muhammed Khudiar (Writing from the Inside) through reading his book (Gardes of Foces –Masks and Warratires) published from dar AL-Madaa in 2008.
The research aims at reading the titles of the book considering them as symbols signs that denote to cannotations, representing the writrs vision، his view of the world, his artistic expression to this vision. The research also tries reading the book in way that makes it concord with the form and open nature of the narratives. So, the study does not adopt any pure critical method in reading and analysis, but attempts to make use of a number of methodo Logical procedures because the researcher believes of the utility of this type of open- reading in disclosing and exposing the poticaless of this literary work. For the purpose of achieving and fiifulling reading as it wos proposed, the research will focus on reading the title, the narratives, the narratives and their titles altogether.

The effact of strategic planning in organizational change case study in the General Company for Southern Oil in Basra

Rana Mahdi Saleh

Basra studies journal, Volume 11, Issue 1994, Pages 81-122


This research aims at founded relationship connection between strategic planning dimensions (vision, mission, objectives) and organizational change (difference, extension, and technical)
The research has taken place in the general company of oil south. The sample used consist of (63) items of managers.
The research has depended upon a hypothesis which implies that there is relationship and abstract effect between strategic planning and organizational change this research used the questioners bill according to (Likert) fifth scale.
The research ceneludes that relationship connection between the general company of oil south mission consider on this one strategic planning dimensions and organizational change.

The reality of the port of Umm Qasr and the importance of economic development

Ali Talib Shahab

Basra studies journal, Volume 11, Issue 1994, Pages 151-176

This research aim to highlight on the true performance for Um – Qaser port and explain how it needs to develop also this research aims to identificate the most obstacles which stand in the way of it is work to make the suitable economic reform which leads this port to success and be as the neighboring ports in effiency to look at what make these ports become as the developed international ports, Um – Qaser port is one of the most important ports in Iraq and this research reach to some conclusions and recommendations , one of those is the weakness of the powers and production design which means that these powers need to develop the abilities of the port to escort the current and future development of Iraqi economy.

The effect of industrial pollution on reduced productivity and increased cost Empirical Study in the General Company for the fertilizer industry in Basra - Khor Al-Zubair

Kifah Jabbar Hassan

Basra studies journal, Volume 11, Issue 1994, Pages 177-209


The effect of industrial pollution on the decrease of productivity and increase cost/ Empirical study in the state for fertilization in khor alzubair, Basra.
The accounting measure mint of the cost of environmental pollution is a necessity in order to sustain the environment and its resources.
The paper deals with the measurement of cost of pollution. Its orgmized into four parts. The first part deals with the concept of environmental pollution.
The second deals with problems of environmental pollution and the ways to deal with it. The third part is devoted to the cost of environmental pollution and the last part deals with the empirical study in one industrial organization namely the state enterprise for fertilization in khor alzubair, Basra.
The paper tested the hypothesis that environmental pollution affects productivity of workers. The results confirmed the research hypothesis. Statistical tests of T and F were used to test the hypothesis.
The study contributed to the importance of measuring the cost of environmental pollution and shows ways that such cost might be incorporated with in the financial statement of the company.

The importance of preserving the cultural heritage of the city of Zubayr

Qassem Matar Abd Al-Khalidi; Abbas Abdulhussain Alaidana

Basra studies journal, Volume 11, Issue 1994, Pages 211-222

are archaeological sites and the majority of the residential houses of architectural heritage in the town of Zubayr, which returns to the Ottoman period of Islamic history, and therefore this study focused on those buildings are not important on the one hand and being exposed to the dangers that threaten its survival on the other. This study examined statistics of the number and locations of these buildings and indicate the status of construction through a field study in reviving the city's different, as was revealed the dangers faced by Kalhedm, vandalism and misuse and other problems you are experiencing, The study showed the obstacles facing operations to maintain those buildings from through a questionnaire to residents of houses archaeological study concludes that there are significant dangers require rapid intervention and the real deal from those responsible for maintaining them and ensure their survival, and in this regard, the study suggests some solutions and recommendations that would overcome these obstacles and contribute to preserve the archaeological sites and monuments in the city Zubair