ISSN: 1994-4721

Volume 10, Issue 1994

Volume 10, Issue 1994, Autumn 2010, Page 1-203

The symbol of the place in the collection (the night of the forest) for Zuhoor Dquisn reading objectively.

Marim Abdul Nabi Abdul Majeed

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 1-23

In Forest Night , space symbol embraces certain scenes that show deep self experience .
It describes life to reveal ego awareness and its unity with theuniverse
While death is shown through space revelation extracting signals that correlate with special situations .
When love is revealed through space , another theme is suggestedi that is the need of ego to the other as it describes superabundance of attendance and absence in a time where the theme of grief takes the space symbol to retrieve images of some missing touches that left wounds on the memory.

The Effect of Teaching Crltical Thinking Sklls on tge Advanced Learners of English at the University of Basra

M.M.Muhmmed Q. Al- Mailid

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 1-32

The paper investigates the unavoidable importance of fostering critical thinking skills in the teaching of essay writing for the third year university students. A great emphasis is placed on improving the CT skills of the students by incorporating Richard Paul’s elements and standards of reasoning into college classrooms.
On this basis, this action-based study includes essays on different topics: violence on TV, Iraqi constitution premise, Garbage problem, and the value of human life. The students were found completely undeveloped during the assessment of their writing in the five areas in writing: clarity of writing, analysis of author’s argument, use of supporting information, organization, and grammar and syntax. They were of different group levels: high, mid and low.
However, after focused critical thinking training, students were identified as good essay developers in all the above mentioned areas. What is suggested here is to incorporate seriously the CT skills and strategies into college classrooms standards-based curriculum so that students can develop better thinking in all course materials.
This study presents a general overview of the concept ‘critical thinking’, its importance to college students in education and life, under the three realms of questioning: the what, the how and the why. Moreover, the paper offers a historical background and basically a thorough understanding of the new concepts and terminologies of the very term. Most importantly how critical thinking is connected with teaching and learning will be the interest of this paper. What stakes at all purposes is the fostering of the CT skills into college classrooms and examines how effective the CT skills are in the teaching in general and in teaching essay writing in particular in the five above mentioned areas. The results arrived at in this paper reveals much of the students’ power of minds at the college of Arts/Department of English and their thinking abilities in comprehending the secrets of the power of writing through what is called thought-stimulating types of questions process. What follows up is the complete research plan adopted for this study.
This paper is an adoption of the research studies done by Gregory Bassham et al (2008) Critical Thinking: A Students Inroduction, and Mathhew Allen (2004) Smart Thinking: Skills for Critical Understanding and Writing. I am greatly indebted to the critical thinking foundation, especially to Dr. Richard Paul and Linda Elder and some members for their continued moral support, materials and books via DHL. Also, special thanks are due to Dr. Majeed Al-Mashta and Dr. Stephan Breidbach for their guidance, reviews and prompt replies.

The tone of Abu al-Khasib

Hossam Ahmed Hashim

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 24-39

The Features of The Dialect of Abu-Al Khaseeb

This research contains some of the features used by the natives of Abu Al Khaseeb district and the surrounding areas .
Some of these most important features are : first , the substitution ; that is to substitute one letter by another . This is a well – known feature their .
Also the feature of adding or deleting some letters from some of the words that they use . There is also the use of minimization we found that they use minimization in some of their names , food and tools .
The last feature mentioned in our research is the use of some odd utterances that distinguish them from the other areas .
The research has linked between this dialect and the local , gulf countries and other Arab countries dialects .
It has also explained that there is an extension between these words and some old Arab dialects .

Pragmatic Equiyalence in the Translation of English Indirect Refusals by Advanced Iraqi Learners at University of Basra

M.M.Baheeja J.Muhammad

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 33-64

This study focuses on the pragmatic equivalence in the translation of some English speech acts of indirect refusals into Arabic by advanced Iraqi learners of English at University of Basra. To achieve this aim, a test of (14) English contexts was designed, and a group of advanced Iraqi learners of English participated in the test by translating these contexts into Arabic. It is hypothesized that the translation of English indirect refusals into Arabic is problematic and diverse on the pragmatic level particularly in arriving at adequate equivalence. The study follows Baker's model of pragmatic equivalence in translation which is theorized on Grice's model of the co-operative principle and its maxims. The translations collected from the test were divided into three groups: equivalent translations, acceptable translations, and mistranslations. The findings of the study indicated that the percentage of translations that were pragmatically equivalent to the original texts were the lowest ones

Determinants of fertility in the neighborhood of Al-Jamhorya and Al-Nasser from the city of Basra Applied Geography Study

Huda Dawood Najm Al-Saad

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 40-67

Fertility is considered one of the most important demographic phenomena that affects the population to increase as the number of deaths affects it negatively ,Fertility levels vary temporally and spatially according to the difference in the economic and social conditions of the people. Therefore, this practical study is to find out the difference of the fertility determiners between two districts of living in Basra city, namely Al-Jumhuriya Al-Nasr districts.
The paper starts with an introduction. Then ,it moves to the presentation of the fertility level in both districts by displaying some of the fertility indicators which the standards of fertility show .Then , the research discusses the main determiners that the fieldwork study has inferred as regards both of the districts such as the impact of age at marriage, the level of education, woman work, the role of environmental deterioration, and the child deaths ,which make those two districts different as regards the range to which they are affected by those determiners, which is reflected , in its turn, on the difference of fertility in them.

Future scenarios for the development of The tourism sector in Basra

Wael Qasim Rashid

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 68-103

Basra has the natural , human and financial qualifications and the components of resources to overcome the deteriorating status of tourism in its performance, which calls for setting goals,
outlining plans and comprehensive future visions of re-rehabilitation and development. The research aims to highlight
human resources that could be used as a base for the development of new tourist patterns depending on the attractive tourist areas that provide many opportunities for investment in tourism. the economic and social importance of tourism and the need to raise awareness in it, and reviewed the ingredients of natural and human resources that could be used as a base for the development of new tourist patterns depending on the attractive tourist areas that provide many opportunities for investment in tourism.

Small industries and their role in reducing the problem of unemployment in Basra

Elham Khazael Nashoor

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 104-124

The research considers studying of small-scale industries because they are important economic phenomena which have on increased attention recently due to their significant role in the development of the Iraqi economy and the lack of essential goods as well as their important role in addressing the problem of unemployment through the operation of a large number of unemployed persons. these industries is widespread in various countries around the world, including Iraq. In Iraq, they spread in all it provinces including Basra. In spite of a lot of problems these industries face they continue

The causes of the Civil War from the point of view of teachers the College of Education - University of Basra - and their impact on the individual.

Abdul Sajjad Abdul Sadda

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 125-144

The causes of the civil war according to the learning staff of college of education point of view and it's reflexes upon the child and the teenager-----
By drabdulsajad abdulsada-Basra university-education college

The benefit of the research
It is strategy study that ensures future through the defining causes as main factors caused by war in many countries all over the world and it's reflexes remains upon the psychology and the social aspect also the research aimed to discover the causes of the war.
According to the college of education point of view and measuring the differences upon the causes the civil war , the sample of the study according to sex variable point of view , so the research reaches to the following results :
1. The total sample of the research feelings are towards causes of civil war measurement and it reaches over the ideal average and there are no differences between sexes which have statistic guide
2. Almost accompany the war murdering ,revenge and robberies.

constuct an analytical model to simulate educational services for secondary schools in the city of Basra, using geographic information systems (GIS)

Khadeeja Abdul Zahra Hussein

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 145-176


Moduling and simulation procedures are among the most important techniques for analysis and manipulation various and multiple geographical phenomena. These modules have the ability to interpret behavior of these phenomena and to forecast them in the future . The selection of moduling is based on the natural of available data .
The aim of the research is to structure spatial analysis module of geographical data base (GDB) to study the status of education services for secondary schools in Basrah city, by using geographical information system (GIS) and simulating a set of algorithms in Arcgis 9.2 software to structure the spatial mathematical and statistical relationships for the schools to join. Thereafter, we compare the results of simulation with the Iraqi criterions based on the structure of secondary schools, and distributing them in the city. The results are displayed as various digital maps and linked with GDB. In addition ; to structure the set of spatial queries to fit the competence of education services in the schools themselves.

Study on fact the use of the Internet and its importance in scientific research at the University of Basra / Bab al-Zubayr site with reference to universities in the Arab Gulf states

Iqbal Jassim Jaafar

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 177-203

Scientific research is faced with misunderstanding of its role, neglect, financial shortage, and lack of research requirements especially in regards to the use of Internet .
This study aims to tackle this problem concentrate to four most important points: the reality of internet use by university teaching staff (equipments and possibilities), teaching staff's opinions regarding the use of internet in scientific research, and problems and difficulties of the use of internet in scientific research.
The study also tackles some previous related studies carried out in Arab Gulf universities in order to see the possibility of adopting similar experience. The study sums up some options through which a reliable strategy can be drawn to help improve scientific research in Iraq university