ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Sajjad Abdul Sadda, Abdul

The causes of the Civil War from the point of view of teachers the College of Education - University of Basra - and their impact on the individual.

Abdul Sajjad Abdul Sadda

Basra studies journal, Volume 10, Issue 1994, Pages 125-144

The causes of the civil war according to the learning staff of college of education point of view and it's reflexes upon the child and the teenager-----
By drabdulsajad abdulsada-Basra university-education college

The benefit of the research
It is strategy study that ensures future through the defining causes as main factors caused by war in many countries all over the world and it's reflexes remains upon the psychology and the social aspect also the research aimed to discover the causes of the war.
According to the college of education point of view and measuring the differences upon the causes the civil war , the sample of the study according to sex variable point of view , so the research reaches to the following results :
1. The total sample of the research feelings are towards causes of civil war measurement and it reaches over the ideal average and there are no differences between sexes which have statistic guide
2. Almost accompany the war murdering ,revenge and robberies.