ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Nashoor, al

Analysis of trends in the housing crisis in the province of Basrah

al Nashoor; Asst.Lect. Elham Khaz

Basra studies journal, Volume 14, Issue 1994, Pages 239-263

The habitation Crisis is considered as the world's problem as well as the advanced and the outgrowth countries, this problem arises mostly in the outgrowth countries especially in Iraq because of the population increase which leads to un equivalence between the houses number and the need for them. The importance and the dimensions of this crisis is sharply increased especially in the last period, because of the absent planning and development in Iraq. So the study of this Crisis in Basra governorate considers an urgent necessity because it regards one of the main problems that faces the governorate which has to be handled or decreased. The habitation Crisis conceives the source for many of the economic and social problem, in addition, it stands as an obstruction in front of the individual freedom movement in life because of the intense pressures in family life crowded in houses. for, the research contains the study of the habitation Crisis in Basra governorate through the explanation of its concept and the diagnosis of its causes which leads to its evolution as well as the study of its directions to show the dimension of this crisis