ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Ala,

The jurisprudents and their political role in Ommiad State : Al-Hassan Al-Basri as an ensample

Ala; a Hassan Mardan As-Sabti; Asst. Lect

Basra studies journal, Volume 15, Issue 1994, Pages 167-193

The Jurists thought and political role In state Omeea".

The Jurists political study in omeea state, is from the subjects very sensitive, is consider that period time, it basis to emanate thought political tendency, was Jurist role great in this space, unavailable text historical in this affair, we center's to search with Hassan AL- basry personality, fames in the Islamic history. Is doing formal legal opinion, and is to make do to ruler .
Therefore we depend on this political picture, in lives of Jurist to clear his lives in Islamic state - omeea covenant- and relational situation with the ruler, and the people.