ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed, Asst.Lect

Evaluation of Mathematics curriculum for the science colleges in the universities of central and southern Iraq according to point of view of the lecturers.

Asst.Lect Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed

Basra studies journal, Volume 16, Issue 1994, Pages 274-332

The aim of the present research io a set of objectives include evaluating the mathematics curriculum in mathematics departments in the faculties of Science in Iraq universities and determine the significance of the differences in the evaluation Process depending on a set of variables associated with research present the most important of gender, geographical location and areas of the tool, which requires the building of a tool for the calendar as one of the main goals of the research current .
Has been determined by a sample of current researgh lectural of male and female and mathematics section of math in science faculties at Iraqi universities for the academic year 2009-2010 .
The reeserarcher also defines some terms that link to a study in theory and in practice, which is all of calendar , curriculum, mathematics, science faculties, calendar Mathematics.
As the researcher pbtroduced the theoretical to the variables of current research through literature review, research and theoretical studies and academic field in this direction for the purpose of identifying and broadening the scope of the researcher duing the briefing on this wide range of concepts, ideas and trsck the theoy associated with the variables research as well as review some of the previous studies and discuss relvant the cubject of current research . The researcher has to prepare the search tool the current through the questionnaire pilot and find the statistical characteristics of sports has represented both the validity and reliability and power discriminatory to paragraphs and within the fields, and more specifically the use of more kind of honesty to the tool to make sure the potential applied to the sample of the study appear in final form with the use of statistical methods for to achieve the basic objectives of the research .
In light of the statistical analysis of data research , the research came to the set of results the most important is the existence of differences among members of the study sample to evaluate the mathematics curriculum, but the positive trend in favor of the sample, in addition to lack of statistically significant differences between members of the study due to the variable of gender, geographical location using the test educational Administration , and the absence of statistically significant differences in the level and areas of the tool about acalendar according to the variariables of gebder, geographical location and areas of the tool by using analysis of variance of the first class .
The researcher recommended a set of recommendations and proposals thah can be of help to decisiob–makers in the educational and scientific institutions of education and higher education .