ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Dr. Osama H. Yusuf, Prof.

The Problem of the Salinity Increase in Shatt Ah-Arab: Reality and Solutions.

Prof. Dr. Osama H. Yusuf

Basra studies journal, Volume 18, Issue 1994, Pages 190-204

The present study deals with the increasing salinity in Shatt Al-Arab and how to solve this problem. It suggests to build a dam on Shatt Al-Arab river near the borders between Iraq and Iran. A diverting canal starting from this dam parallel to Shatt Al-Arab and close to the road connecting Basrah city with Fao city. All Shatt Al-Arab tributaries should be connected to this channel and closed from Shatt Al-Arab with small dams. Dams should be controlled by regulators to control water level. This will reduce the effect of Arab Gulf salt front and drainage water. The study illustrates the canal and how it works.