ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Prof. Dr. Mahmad Abdul- Khadhn, Asst.

The Grammatical Causes in AlAkhbar(The news) Book of Abu AlKassim AlZajaji

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mahmad Abdul- Khadhn; Researcher. Omar Abdul-Hadi Mutter

Basra studies journal, Volume 22, Issue 1994, Pages 279-310

The studies of grammatical causes are an old ones, and may go along with the beginnings of the grammatical studies. Abu AlKassim AlZjaji has a long experience, and an influencing hand on these studies. He was the first to classify and edit a book devoted to the grammatical cause, and he called it (clarification of the grammatical causes) (AlIedha' Fi Illal AlNahu). His Efforts were not only confined to this book, but exceeded to analysis and scrutiny in other books and letters that we have received so far. One of these is (The News) (AlAkhbar) which was investigated by our teacher, AbulHussein AlMubark. AlZjaji in his book (The News) has been interested in issues of grammar and topics of effective case, which was built by the rule, and determined on it the judgement of grammatical cause, by mentioning the issue and the opinions of the grammarians where their evidence and reasons, even in sometimes up reach the dialectical theory, and then concludes in a perfect way ,to settle the dispute, and determine the right solution, either in favor of someone, or detailed to what is ambiguous in their terms, or solo opinionated and contrary to their opinions all. It is in all of that, he was, mostly , checking the accuracy and simplicity in presenting the grammatical causes.