ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Lect. Haider Fahmi Hatem, Asst.

The Protection of the Investor in Stock Exchange

Asst. Lect. Haider Fahmi Hatem

Basra studies journal, Volume 23, Issue 1994, Pages 133-201

The Protection of the Investor in Stock Exchange (A Comparative Study(
The dealing in securities (sale or purchase) in Stock Exchange by the authorized broker with the investor achieves according the agreement between them..
The investors considered as the main element in the stock exchange, so that must be find the legal rules to protect them against the risks of dealing with the Monopolist brokers to the works in stock exchange according law because any investor cannot make any dealing but by the brokers.
The general legal rules are incapable to protect the investors because the special nature of the working in stock exchange so the legal regulars of the stock exchange comes of special rules in order to protect the investors and some of these legal rules protect the investors before the agreement with the broker while the other rules set to protect them during the period of agreement with the broker to make and fulfill certain deal.
The above special rules are more suitable to such kind of commercial activity in order to encourage the dealing in stock exchange and that is the aim of this reaserch.