ISSN: 1994-4721

Author : Ahmed Racine Sehen, Lect.

Understanding of deviation in the question structure in Albeean wel Tabeen in light of "Conversational Implicature" theory

Lect. Ahmed Racine Sehen

Basra studies journal, Volume 24, Issue 1994, Pages 151-174

The conversational Implicature has three meaning used by researchers which are: a linguistic theory looks for the hidden significance, a linguistic phenomenon in dialogues and a hidden meaning related with obvious one. This paper collects all the three meanings in a single vision. Then, it studies the deviation in the question structure Al-Jahiz Albeean wel Tabeen by using principles of conversational Implicature theory which helps in understanding meanings of question. The paper shows some deviations from Principle of co-operation and other principles which the given theory involves such as: Principle of quantity; Principle of relevance/ relation and Principle of manner. Then the researcher decided not to abide by these principles in the definition of Implicature in the statements which include: Intimidation, Mockery, Certainty, Concealment, and the ability to act.